Pre- and Post-conditions Expressed in Variants of the Modal μ-calculus

by Yoshinori Tanabe, Toshifusa Sekizawa, Yoshifumi Yuasa, and Koichi Takahashi

IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E92-D, No.5, May 2009 (to appear).


Properties of Kripke structures can be expressed by formulas of the modal μ-calculus. Despite its strong expressive power, the validity problem of the modal μ-calculus is decidable, and so are some of its variants enriched by inverse programs, graded modalities, and nominals. In this study, we show that the pre- and post-conditions of transformations of Kripke structures, such as addition/deletion of states and edges, can be expressed using variants of the modal μ-calculus. Combined with decision procedures we have developed for those variants, the properties of sequences of transformations on Kripke structures can be deduced. We show that these techniques can be used to verify the properties of pointer-manipulating programs.

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